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Lead Generating


The Lead Generation Company

If you are looking for a Lead Generation Company we can help. We specialize in all forms of LEAD GENERATION for companies big and small.

The term “Lead Generation” is simply a way to describe an activity. In telemarketing this can be anything from calling a prospect to establish various levels of interest as in a Hot or Cold Lead.

Lead Generation can also be used to determine a prospective customers likes, dislikes, budget and time frame for making a purchase of a product or service. Or it can be used while selling a product of service over the phone, market research, surveys, database updating. Or it can even be used to generate Appointment Leads.

In essence generating leads is about qualifying leads specific to your needs. Once a prospect has demonstrated they are interested it becomes a lot easier to obtain all sorts of important information.

Our Lead Generation Process

Step 1 – We gain understanding of your marketing objectives and develop a strategy to generate leads.

Step 2 – Then we build a process of acquiring the details for developing a database.

Step 3 – The campaign is implemented and tracked for performance

Step 4 – Finally we determine the success rate and provide a detailed analysis for your future usage

How it all works

  1. First you fill out a questionnaire letting us know the exact customers your interested in.
  2. We can then design your script and send to you for approval,
  3. If you require a customer database we will send you our List Data order form to complete so we can arrange your database,
  4. Once we have all this in place we start calling,
  5. Then each day you will receive a detailed report of the previous days calls as well as automatically receiving an email of each booked appointment as they occur (Live).
  6. At the end of the campaign we will send your a campaign summary report with call results and associated customer comments enclosed.