Can you make money a quarter at a time with Gumball Machines

Starting a Bulk route

Bulk machines or gumball machines have been around forever. Bulk Vending is a simple way to get stared in the vending business.

You can start a route from r as little as $200 per machine.

The simple answer is, yes!

With the right location and as little as $200 upfront. you can make your investment back in as little as six months.

The issues:

the average machine only accepts quarters or a combination of loose change. 25 years ago 25 cents went a further then it does now. Add the fact that most people don’t carry cash and you can see how you won’t get rich.


Some vendors find the bulk machines are a great way to enter a location. Maybe the location already has larger machines. You can place a bulk machine in that location to build a relationship with the location. let them see you, how friendly you are and the prompt service you offer. Once the contract is up then you will be in a great position to bid on the contract. It’s about business development!


Setting up Bulk Vending with a charity is an ideal way to sell the machines into the locations. You ask the potential location to donate the space which will help the charity. Generally, most charities will charge you a small fee of $1 per month for the right to put sticker on your machine. Here is a list of 5 charities that support the vending program.