Best 5 bulk vending machines to buy

What is the biggest bang for your buck?

Whenever your thinking about purchasing bulk vending machines or getting started in the vending business its always a huge decision on what type of machines to buy. If you plan on purchasing bulk machines here’s our pick for the 5 best machines.

  1. Big Bubble Gumball & Candy Machine-

    brings back memories of yesteryear! This handsome vending machine can vend gumballs, bulk candy, and bouncy balls. This classic bubble gum machine comes with both a candy wheel and also gumball wheels and can vend virtually anything.

2.  Tattoo vending Machine 

All*Star sticker machines are attractive, highly graphic attention getting merchandisers for the flat vending industry. Designed to sell transfers, stickers and temporary tattoos, these machines will vend time after time. With its all metal construction and durable powder coated finish to prevent scratching and rusting, you can expect many years of quality use. Its unique front loading design is perfect for ease of service and enhances security. Placed in key locations, these vending machines will generate income for many years. Kids and teenagers around the world enjoy using stickers and temporary tattoos.

3. Triple Head Vending Machine w/Stand-

Triple Head Vending Machine and Gumball Vending Machine is the easiest bulk vending machines you will ever operate. With the interchangeable pod system it is very quick & easy to refill or exchange candy by simply removing the candy pod & drop in a new one. Cut your service time in half by purchasing extra pods & refill them back at your home or office. Once you get to the location just swap out the pods, empty the money & away you go. Makes servicing a snap. The bulk candy pod hold 8-10 lbs of bulk candy & the gumball wheel pod holds about 350 gumballs, bouncy balls or 1″ round capsules. If you ever need to repair or replace the coin mechanism simply remove the pod & lift the coin mechanism out. No tools required.

4. Super Bounce-A-Roo Bulk Vending Machines

Huge Super Ball Rage vending machine! Reel Customers In with the New Super Bounce-A-Roo !  This super durable vendor features dependable operation and a large capacity globe. Beaver Coin Mechs are available for 50?, 75▪ or $1.00. If you’re looking for steady income and a great machine with a fun theme, the Super Bounce A-Roo is perfect for you.

5. U-turn Eliminator vending machine

This candy machine represents the most trusted Bulk Candy Machine on the market today. Being made in the USA, it is durable and made of high quality materials that will last for years to come. The eight canisters can be all taken apart for easy maintenance and cleaning. There are multiple candy dispensing settings to provide flexibility on the quantity and size of the candy being sold. Seven of the canisters are set up to vend smaller candies like m&m’s, skittles, Mike & Ikes, etc, and one canister is set to vend 1″ balls, like gumballs or the toy capsules.

These are just 5 of the over hundred of bulk vending machines of you to choose from.